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A scanner is a device that is specifically designed to create digital copies of physical documents. It is used to convert paper documents into digital files that can be easily stored, edited, and shared. Unlike traditional photocopiers, document scanners are capable of producing high-quality digital images that preserve even the smallest details.

When it comes to selecting the best scanner for home use, the Brother ADS range is an ideal choice. Not only do these scanners offer professional-level document scanning capabilities, but they are also reliable, efficient and user-friendly. The ADS range flaunts advanced features such as 2-sided scanning and a range of other intuitive functionalities to streamline document scanning workflows.

The Brother ADS range offers a variety of options to fit individual needs. For high-volume scanning, the ADS-4900W is a perfect choice, as it can quickly scan large batches with a 100-sheet automatic document feeder. For more mobile use, the compact and lightweight DS-940DW is a great option, allowing users to scan directly to their preferred location using Brother’s free iPrint&Scan app.

You'll want to choose a scanner that can produce high-quality scans quickly and efficiently, and you’ll need to consider the size of the documents being scanned, and/or the number of pages needed to be scanned at once. This will determine whether you need an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and the size – 60, 80 or 100-sheet ADF. Other factors to consider include whether the scanner needs to be mobile or has multiple connectivity options.

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