OCR tips to maximise your scanning workflow

OCR tips to maximise your scanning workflow

Today’s business world demands fast, efficient solutions. And in the race to increase the efficiency of organisational workflows, scanning technologies have evolved to incorporate many productivity-enhancing features.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows advanced image capture and processing that transforms paper documents into actionable data. This means that a workplace scanner connected to a compatible device, such as a smartphone, is able to run OCR software that can elevate your document scanning processes. This article will explain the benefits of OCR technology and detail how your business can significantly reduce document preparation time.

What can OCR be used for?

Scanners that are synced with OCR technology on a host device can turn your paper documents into easily searchable PDFs. Professional desktop scanners like the Brother ADS-4900W make image capture and processing effortless thanks to high-performance scanning tools backed by Brother.

Depending on the model, a Brother document scanner that supports OCR software like Brother ScanEssentials, allows you to automate and streamline your workflow. The digitisation process not only helps increase office productivity, it also bolsters sustainability efforts by reducing paper and saving the storage space previously reserved for filing cabinets.

OCR technology that’s connected to a desktop scanner integrates seamlessly with your existing business architecture and provides rapid digitisation capabilities within minutes. The scanner’s user-friendly interface, one-touch scanning functionality and intuitive touchscreen (available on select models) will have you up and running quickly. Simply connect to a device such as your smartphone and begin digitising volumes of paper documents, images and data.

Why do businesses use OCR technology?

OCR technology can be used to make searchable PDFs that help digitise and automate document workflows. Businesses can also utilise OCR software where scanners are able to recognise alphanumeric data (letters and numbers) inputted on documents or certain parts of a document. For example, a healthcare provider can use OCR to capture data on various claims or forms, eliminating time spent manually inputting that data.

Man sitting down on lounge with woman in background scanning documents in a home office
Select scanners like the Brother ADS-4900W can be connected to OCR software that enables image capture and processing

The benefits of OCR scanning technology

One major advantage of a cloud-based document management system is the efficiency with which you can search and store your online documents. The days of scouring through file folders in packed storage cabinets can be replaced by the easy retrieval functionality of cloud-based storage solutions. Simply enter a keyword or two to have instant access to your relevant data.

Scanners that are backed by OCR software are able to handle the processing of large volumes of paper records, thanks to format detection, pre-processing and data extraction features. The 100-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) of the ADS-4900W can easily handle the digitisation of your paper files quickly and efficiently, with 60 pages per minute scanning capability as well as 2-sided (duplex) scanning.

Is your business making the most of its technology, or could you streamline your digitisation strategy? With OCR, your online documents are easily searchable and can be retrieved or archived at any time.

Your business will enjoy better invoice management and the ability to simplify complex processes thanks to the image capture and processing power of OCR technology. Integration with industry-recognised software like Kofax and NewSoft maximises your post-scanning productivity with software that allows you to copy, amend and edit your digitised documents instantly.

5 essential document scanning tips

Once you’ve set up your new scanner, it’s time to explore your software options. Here’s how you can harness the capabilities of your new scanner to enhance your business workflow:

  1. Convert your documents into editable Word or PDF documents: Thanks to OCR, you’ll never have to retype your documents again! Instantly scan your files to provide a complete replication online – with no need to modify the layout 
  2. Add keywords or search criteria: Searchable output formats can add an invisible layer of text to your files that enable easy retrieval. Simply input your choice of keywords based on the document data to have instant access to your files
  3. High volume scanning: Smart separators can allow you to scan a large volume of documents without worrying about where one file ends and another begins. The automatic feeder tray of many desktop scanners can process dozens of documents – if not more – quickly and efficiently
  4. Define and designate automatic processes: By scanning your documents to an automatic folder, you’ll save valuable time once spent converting online documents. You can set your software to instantly convert all incoming data to the format native to the destination folder
  5. Build your own document management system: Deploying a digital workflow that manages your scanning and sharing capabilities can streamline your operational architecture
Lady and man sitting at an office desk with laptop and smartphone and scanner in the background
A scanning solution consists of both hardware and software that can enhance business workflows

Integrate with the latest app technology

You can further increase the efficiency of your scanning solutions by pairing them with the Brother iPrint&Scan app. With the connectivity of this versatile app, you can print and scan from a mobile device and monitor the status of your device remotely. 

Here’s how you can improve your remote workflows using the iPrint&Scan app: 

  • Strengthen your document security: The Brother iPrint&Scan app allows you to secure your PDFs with the click of a button. Simply select a password and destination folder, and the one-touch workflow will scan your documents to the correct location. Once digitised, your documents are retrievable only by inputting your associated passwords
  • Easily separate your documents: iPrint&Scan can enable the scanning of separate documents in one process – a split PDF workflow lets you designate the number of pages per document so that you can bulk scan without the worry of mixing separate files
  • Create a searchable workflow: Search for keywords in your scanned documents by registering a keyword in the settings option. Entering this keyword will allow you to instantly navigate to your document’s destination folder from any device on your connected platform

Brother scanning technology improves workflows and productivity

Brother offers high-performance, professional desktop document scanner solutions built for uninterrupted, high-volume scanning. In an ever-changing digital environment, your business deserves technology that can handle and adapt to the demands placed upon your workforce. Get in touch with Brother today to find a scanning solution that matches your business needs.


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