Why your commercial drivers need mobile solutions

Why your commercial drivers need mobile solutions

Today’s supply chain efficiency depends on cutting-edge mobile technology that supports accurate logistics information, tracking and labelling.

The growth of online shopping has made the supply chain process more complex, with logistics and distribution architectures expanding to align with consumer demand.

Australia Post reports that a record-breaking 9.3 million Australian households will purchase something online during FY22. This means staying on top of an ever-evolving supply chain requires easy, online access to tools and devices that can inform and improve business.

As a result, workforces across the supply chain need to have tracking, identification and the ability to update capabilities at their fingertips while they are on the go.

This article will cover the challenges facing today’s commercial drivers and explore how mobile technology can provide solutions for on-the-move workforces.

Evolving with industry trends

Drivers across the supply chain are facing significant changes on two fronts – changing customer expectations and an increasing use of technology.

Statista estimates the Australian e-commerce market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.11% in the forecast period between 2022-2027, with the market volume expected to exceed $110 billion (US$76.5 billion) during that time. The growth reflects increasing consumer comfortability with online shopping, largely brought on by the disruption of COVID-19.

This forecasted growth compounds an already strong year in 2021, which saw Australia rank as the 11th largest eCommerce market in the world, according to ecommerceDB.

The upward shift in consumer demand is matched by an expectation for faster and more flexible shipments. The great disruption of the pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar locations to sell exclusively online, shifting the way consumers purchased goods they would have traditionally visited a store to purchase. This shift means more drivers on the road delivering goods, presenting a series of unique challenges.

Todays workforce needs the real-time processing and inventory managemToday’s workforce needs the real-time processing and inventory management capabilities of a digital solution

Challenges facing today’s commercial drivers

Online purchases are readily available with the click of a button, and the promise of fast delivery times has heightened consumer trust – and placed greater pressure on suppliers. Are your commercial transportation and field services staff equipped to handle the increased demand?

Here are three challenges facing today’s fleet operators and delivery drivers:

Poor traceability

End-to-end visibility across the supply chain is difficult if relying on paper-based invoices, shipping manifests and tracking sheets. If your warehouse operators are using a different software platform than your drivers, how can you guarantee a clear line of sight into the delivery status of your products?

Inefficient barcodes and labels

Barcode and QR code labels show pick lists and item locations in the warehouse, and equip drivers with delivery information and other essential distribution details. If you’re not using resilient, high-quality labelling supplies, your goods in the warehouse may be difficult to find, and goods being shipped could be at risk of loss.

Outdated fleet management platforms

Are your drivers relying on paper-based or hybrid inventory management systems to understand changes in product delivery information? Today’s workforce needs the real-time processing and inventory management capabilities of a digital solution. Chances are, your end users are tracking the delivery of their products directly from the retailer or a third-party delivery vendor. By adopting a cloud-based inventory management system, you’ll be ensuring a seamless customer experience.

4 ways mobile printers and scanners support the supply chain

Today’s mobile printing and scanning solutions can dramatically streamline your supply chain processes. Here are four ways you can leverage the power of connectivity to improve efficiency across the supply chain:

  1. Better mobility and flexibility: Brother portable label and receipt printers like the RJ-4250WB enable your drivers to print barcode labels and QR codes on the road – so that any required updates or product information can be printed and applied to the products immediately
  2. Increased productivity: Mobile printers and scanners can help increase the efficiency of the supply chain by reducing the time needed to print and scan documents. For example, a truck driver can print shipping manifests for customer deliveries on the road. Completed pick lists and signed paper invoices can be scanned directly to warehouse management systems from anywhere on the floor thanks to mobile scanners like the DS-940DW
  3. Cost reduction: Disruptions to your logistics workflows can result in backlogs and lost productivity, which translates to lost earnings. Mobile apps like iPrint&Label and Brother Mobile Connect are specifically designed to connect driver’s smart devices to hardware, so that productivity is never sacrificed. Need a QR code printed on a delivery route? iPrint&Scan can source your branded content, and Brother Connect can find the nearest device to print it out on
  4. Improved accuracy: Brother’s mobile label and printing devices integrate seamlessly with your connected software, thanks to the power of a Software Development Kit (SDK). This versatile technology can help improve the traceability of your products as they’re delivered across the supply chain. A connected platform reduces the sightline disruption caused by devices that don’t communicate to management software
Brother portable label and receipt printers like the RJ-4250WB give drivers more mobility and flexibility.Brother portable label and receipt printers like the RJ-4250WB give drivers more mobility and flexibility

Brother mobile solutions empower your commercial drivers

Brother mobile printers enhance efficiency across the whole supply chain, with a focus on delivering a seamless process for business leaders and delivery drivers alike.

If you’re looking to modernise your workforce, consider the benefits of deploying a portable print solution that increases visibility and transparency from end-to-end. From route accounting to maintenance reports, the impact of a streamlined business process means near-instant updated visibility for your drivers in the event of a change or disruption to their schedule.

When you’re ready to place the power of cutting-edge technology in the palm of your capable delivery driver’s hands, contact us today.


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