Driving mobility for better success in your business

Driving Mobility for Better Success in Your Business

From communication to entertainment, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices are increasingly relied upon to accomplish the tasks of our personal lives – so why should the business environment be any different?

If leveraged correctly, mobile solutions can streamline your workflows and embolden your remote-capable workforce. Learn more about how portable printers and scanners can benefit your business in this article.

Why mobility is important to the modern business

More Australians are working remotely than ever before. Given the rise of the mobile and remote working environment, it has become mission-critical to equip workers with the technologies and gear they need to stay productive on the go. Mobility in the modern (and increasingly dynamic) workplace is all about business agility, enabled by cutting-edge technology.

Hybrid work is poised to bring substantial economic benefits to Australia. If your business wants to capitalise on this leap in productivity, you’ll need to ensure your workforce is equipped with the right tools for the job.

Moreover, an inability to adapt to changing circumstances could have detrimental effects for future hiring opportunities. A poll of white-collar workers conducted by the Swinburne University showed that while most are on board with hybrid work, there is an emerging divide between employees and their employers when it comes to attitudes toward this type of working arrangement. The Centre for the New Workforce (CNeW) 2021 study found that 43 percent of the 1,000 surveyed respondents claimed they considered a lack of flexibility regarding hybrid work potential as a ‘deal breaker.’

The benefits of embracing mobility

Businesses that embrace mobile solutions and the architectures that support them are more agile than their competitors. With less reliance on in-office or centralised technologies, field workers can complete important tasks and streamline operations no matter where they’re located.

Equipped with portable printing and scanning solutions, mobile workforces are able to:

  • Close more sales
  • Eliminate costly inefficiencies
  • Maintain compliance with faster and more accurate documentation
  • Provide faster service to clients and customers
  • Enjoy a greater satisfaction in their work — an important factor in long-term employee retention
A blue-collar worker using a portable printer to print labels on the job.
Brother mobile printers connect with barcode and labelling applications for unbroken workflows

How to use mobile printers on the go

Brother offers an array of mobile printers designed to increase productivity across a number of key business functions. From tagging and tracking essential assets, labelling shipments or creating documents on the go, portable printing solutions ensure efficiency is in the palm of your hand.

Portable printers are an essential tool used across a range of industries, allowing professionals to quickly and easily print documents from anywhere. In business settings, mobile printers can streamline visitor management processes, create full-colour labels for files and folders, and provide important identification information.

In field operations, portable printers are valuable tools for creating crucial maintenance reports, completing route accounting tasks, and documenting pest control efforts. In healthcare and emergency services, portable printing technology allows for fast production of health status reports, patient details, crash incident reports, as well as citations and fines.

The hospitality industry also relies on portable printers for producing receipts for customers. Overall, investing in a portable printer can greatly improve efficiency and productivity in multiple industries.

What about portable scanners?

Brother mobile scanners can be deployed to assist the digitisation of paper-based documents with on-the-go efficiency. The wireless capabilities of devices like the Portable Document Scanner DS-940DW means your remote staff don’t need to be working beside an electrical outlet to get the job done. Featuring a built-in Li-ion battery, Wi-Fi and an intuitive LCD panel, the near-instant setup and usage capabilities of today’s mobile scanners are designed to match the fast pace of your critical workflows.

Here’s an example of how these and other Brother portable devices can seamlessly integrate with your business software and processes to streamline your workflow, regardless of your chosen industry:

  • Sales: Create on-the-spot sales contracts and documents. For example, a real estate agent looking to print details of a house prior to a walkthrough
  • Emergency services: Crash, incident and patient reports, as well as citations and fines. Police officers use reliable mobile printers to issue traffic tickets
  • Field operations: Maintenance and repair reports. A tow truck operator arriving to the scene of a roadside assistance call can print a detailed incident and inspection report of on-scene damage
  • Retail: Stocking, inventory, receipts and invoices. Personnel at a grocery store can quickly determine sales discounts with a simple scan
A man packing away a portable device into his carrybag.
Brother mobile printers offer compact, portable solutions support remote work

What to look for in a mobile solution

When searching for portable solutions to enhance the efficiency of your mobile workforce, here are a few key features to consider:

  • Robust: Today’s mobile devices can handle the rigours associated with off-premises deployment. Brother mobile thermal label printers like the RJ-3250WB offers a fast labelling and receipt printing solution that supports busy workforces. Its rugged, compact and durable design makes it optimal for relentless usage.
  • Compatibility and connectivity: Connected apps like the Brother iPrint&Scan and iPrint&Label on handheld devices like the PT-P910BT harness approved business labels, codes and invoices directly onto users’ smartphones.
  • Speed and productivity: Mobile devices eliminate the downtime once associated with traversing the office floor in order to manually print a task sent from a desktop device
  • Ease of use: These compact devices are able to go with your workers anywhere, anytime by using versatile power methods such as rechargeable batteries
  • Support and repair: Mobile devices equipped with connected apps can support workflows during times when maintenance is repairing on-site equipment

Deploying a mobile-friendly business infrastructure can improve workflows by connecting your hybrid and remote workforce to the platforms and resources they need to move your business forward.

Brother’s experts can work with you to find the combination of user-friendly devices you need. Contact Brother today and learn how you can leverage the connectivity of mobile devices to power your organisation into the future.


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