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Brother keeps your paperwork processes popping with its new multi-function home and office printer

20 March 2022
Product News
inkvestment mfc-j4540dw two paper trays

The Brother MFC-J4540DW is a perfect tool for the remote workforce or small office, providing an A4 colour inkjet printer, scanner, copier, and fax all in one compact unit. The box also includes a generous amount of ink in the box.

Brother has been a force in printing for 60 years, long regarded for its practical and no-nonsense machines. While some printer firms are putting all their effort into extracting as much money from you for ink as they possibly can, Brother has come at It the other way with its MFC-J4540DW being a small office and home multifunction unit that simply works and gets on with the job. Bundled in the box is enough ink to last you a year under most circumstances, measured at up to 2,600 black and white pages, and up to 1,900 colour pages.

What's more, it's fast and well-featured. You get two paper trays, automatic duplex printing, a 20 sheet automatic document feeder - great for scanning, printing speeds up to 20 pages per minute, and a host of connectivity options.

Perhaps a fax machine isn't as useful today as it was once, but there's no doubt a scanner is worth its weight in gold for any small business setting. Scan and file documents; print-sign-scan contracts; there is no shortage of uses for a scanner. iTWire certainly found the MFC-J4540DW’s 20-page document feeder saves a lot of pain; stick your single or double-sided stack of documents in the feeder, press scan, and wait for the PDF to land.

The printer uses Brother's newly re-engineered high capacity INKvestment ink cartridges, and iTWire found these simple to install. The printer has two paper trays (for, say, letterhead paper and blank paper) which store 400 pages across both. iTWire found the device easy to open up, to allow us to use the copier, to fill the paper trays, to install the ink, and to expose the internals in the case of printer jams. Fortunately, in iTWire’s testing, we did not experience any jam but are confident we could get inside the machine sufficiently to remove the paper from the rollers if it were to happen. As great as modern electronics are, printers are still one of the most mechanical devices in the office and being able to easily and intuitively figure out how to recover when something goes wrong is a huge plus in a device.


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