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iTWire review of Brother DS-940DW Portable Scanner

02 March 2020
Product News

If you need a portable scanner, take a look at Brother's latest offering.

While many people are happy to capture printed documents by photographing them with their smartphones, there's still a market for portable scanners. Brother's latest offering is the $299 DS-940DW, which can be used standalone (saving images to a microSD memory card), or in conjunction with a computer, tablet or phone.

Measuring 319 x 63.1 x 45.4mm and weighing 699g according to the brochure, the DS-940DW is small enough to slip into a briefcase or a large handbag or satchel, but would benefit from a sleeve to protect it from keys and other sharp objects. Or it could be stashed in a desk drawer, saving space when not in use at home or in an office.

As is increasingly common, the only printed documentation is a quick setup guide. There's a pointer to a web page ( (or, and from there you can select the model and be led to the downloads page. The guide mentions a "full driver and software package" which would be useful but doesn't seem to exist for this model. Instead, you have to download everything separately, noticing the 'Show all' button beneath the list of utilities, which reveals one of the most important items: Remote Setup Software.


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