FAQ: Unable to scan from Mac OS

**Ensure that there are no error messages on the Brother device. If there is an error on the Brother device, the error will need to be resolved by following the steps in the User Guide for your model. Click here to find your user manual

** Before completing the steps below, restart the computer, the Brother device and your wireless router/wireless range extenders if you are printing through a network. Wait 2 minutes after restarting the devices, then try scanning.

**If you are connected to a VPN, you will need to disable the VPN connection to be able to print over a network.


Step 1: Check to ensure that the Brother iPrint&Scan software has been installed on the computer

Click Go > Applications then ensure that iPrint&Scan is in the list of Applications. If iPrint&Scan is not in the list, then download and install it from the Apple App Store here.

Please also download and install the iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool from our website here.

For more information on how to install the Push Scan Tool refer to the information in this FAQ


Step 2: Select the Brother model and perform a scan using the iPrint&Scan software

Open the iPrint&Scan software from within your Applications folder. Within iPrint&Scan, click Select your Machine at the lower right corner of the Window. Click the tab that matches the connection type that you are using to connect your Brother machine to your computer, e.g. USB if connected via USB, or Network if you are connecting via Wireless or Ethernet. Then select the Brother model that appears in the list and press OK.

Click the Scan button, then click Scan again. The document should then be scanned and you will see a preview of the scan along with options to Save, or Copy to Application etc.

If you are able to scan from the iPrint&Scan software, the scanner is functioning correctly. You can close this page and use the scanner.

If you are wanting to scan directly from the Brother machine, continue to Step 3.

If you are not able to scan from iPrint&Scan, or do not see your model in the list after clicking the Select your Machine button, continue to Step 4.


Step 3: Scan directly from the Brother device

If you can scan from the iPrint&Scan software but are not able to scan directly from the device, click the Machine Scan Settings button within the iPrint&Scan software.

Choose the settings for the type of scan that you would like to perform and then click OK and try scanning from the device.

If you are able to scan from the device, the scanner is functioning correctly, you can close this page.

If you are not able to scan from the device, continue to Step 4.


Step 4: Check connections and disable firewall

If connected via USB:

Ensure that the USB cable is connected correctly at both ends.

Try connecting the USB cable to a different USB port on the computer (it should be connected directly to the computer, do not connect it through a USB hub or extension cable).

Try scanning from iPrint&Scan again. If you are able to scan from the iPrint&Scan software you can close this file and use the scanner.

If you are still not able to scan, continue to Step 5.

If connected via a Network:

Open the System Preferences and then open Network. You can access the System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon at the top left of the computer screen and selecting System Preferences.

Within Network, the network connections will appear on the left. The connections that are currently connected will say Connected. Ensure that there is only one connected there e.g. Wireless or Ethernet, not both at the same time. If more than one is connected, disconnect one of them by either turning off Wifi on the computer, or disconnecting the Ethernet cable from the computer.

Select the Brother machine again within iPrint&Scan and then try scanning again.

If you are still not able to scan, follow the steps below to disable the firewall.

Open the System Preferences click Security and Privacy. Click the Firewall tab If the Firewall is On, click the button to Turn Off Firewall.

If you have third party firewall software installed, you will need to disable it. Icons for security software can typically be found at the top right corner of your computer screen. Click the icon and select Disable, Turn Off, Pause Protection etc.

Then try scanning again from the Brother iPrint&Scan software or directly from the Brother device.

If you are able to scan from the Brother device, you need to allow the following through the firewall:

Macintosh HD/ Library/ Printers/ Brother/ Utilities/ Server/ NETserver.app

If you are not able to scan, continue to Step 5.


Step 5: Uninstall and reinstall the Brother Drivers and software


To uninstall the Brother iPrint&Scan software, open the Applications folder and drag the iPrint&Scan icon to the trash.

To uninstall the Brother Drivers, follow the steps contained here.

Once the iPrint&Scan and the Drivers have been uninstalled, empty the trash and restart the computer.

When the computer is back on, download and install the Drivers and iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool here.

And then install the iPrint&Scan software from the App Store here.

Once everything has installed, select your machine from within the iPrint&Scan software again and then try scanning.