Top healthcare printing solutions and why you need them

Top healthcare printing solutions and why you need them

Hospitals, retirement villages, medical practices, GP surgeries and aged-care facilities are busy, people-centric places. Many provide 24-hour care, meaning they never stop operating. Effective care depends on smooth and efficient processes, and robust, reliable and secure communication and information sharing is mission-critical.

This is especially important for healthcare workers who rely on ready access to important, and potentially life-saving patient data. That’s why healthcare facilities will always need high-quality printers and print services they can rely on day-to-day.

Leaving a paper trail

Healthcare establishments see patients enter and leave all the time, which makes information management important. Every new patient needs to have their information entered and stored securely, with medical and other data added to records as their treatment continues.

And even though we’ve come a long way with electronic health records, certain documents and information still need to be physically printed, especially if the patient in question is undergoing specialist treatment.

There are also more mundane printing requirements, such as labels, wrist tags and prescription forms. The keys here are speed and reliability: staff just want to press ‘print’ on their computer, tablet or phone, and then collect their documents from a local printer.

In addition to regular document printers, scanners and multi-function devices, healthcare practices can also benefit from special-function devices such as portable printing and labelling solutions that can produce documents and tags tailored for specific purposes and physical formats (such as patient wrist tags).

These save already-busy teams the hassle and wastage involved in, for example, printing out documents on an A4 sheet and then cutting them down to the required size.

There are other, less tangible benefits to acquiring the right in-house print solutions, including improved legibility (jokes about doctors’ handwriting aside, this can be a real concern), consistency of communications and the simple convenience of a printed-out document that’s truly ‘platform neutral’, can be dropped, folded and notated without harm, and which doesn’t require a power source or battery charge to read.

Convenience means consistent care

Like almost every other part of our 21st century life, healthcare is becoming more mobile, more personalised and more responsive. Cloud services are the key to keeping data consistent and available across devices and locations, and the good news is that cloud-based printing services are secure and affordable.

So whether you’re a GP who makes house calls or a major healthcare provider with teams in multiple locations, all you need to access speedy, secure printing is an internet connection, a cloud printing service and the right mobile printer, whether that’s a standard A4 unit, a label printer, thermal printer or other specialised devices.

No matter what the project, the right printer can make the job a breeze. If it involves a nursing unit managers’ meeting, a heads of department gathering requiring an update on a major project, or printing wristband names or labels for new hospital patients, medical equipment or helping keep important patient records on file, there’s a printer out there that can do the job – helping health professionals in all types of organisations provider better, faster and more efficient care.

Whether you are looking for managed print services or are in need of specific hardware and/or software, visit our corporate solutions site and ask us how we can create a solution that can help streamline your clinic’s or hospital’s processes.


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