Transform your home office with efficient labelling

A man in a home office printing labels from a smartphone using a Brother P-touch label printer

If you're like many professionals working from home, chances are your workspace could use some decluttering and organisation.

To help create a more functional home office setup, labelling can be an effective tool used to categorise and organise items in your space.

In this blog post, you'll uncover how simple labelling techniques can make a difference in your home office environment by increasing productivity and reducing stress.

5 advantages of labelling in your home office

It can be hard to keep your workstation organised and efficient. Papers can pile up, books, files, and other items become disorganised or lost in the grind. However, by being proactive and affixing labels to your possessions, you’ll get a sense of how easy it is to have an orderly home office.

Here are five benefits of utilising labels in your home workspace:

1. Organising made easy

By labelling your cables, stationery, peripherals, and equipment, you can easily access items when needed. For instance, if you require a particular cable, instead of fumbling around for it, you can grab it quickly if it's labelled. Your labelling system can go beyond categorising items and extend to labelling the location of items for greater clarity and easier retrieval.

2. Save time and increase productivity

When you can easily find the items you need, you avoid wasting time going through draws and piles of notebooks and folders. This can increase productivity by keeping you focused on your work and saving time that would be spent searching for missing or misplaced items.

3. Safety first

Labelling items that may present safety issues is an important aspect. Electrical equipment, sharp tools, and heavy items may require warning labels to ensure maximum safety for the people working within that space, especially if there's more than one of you working from home. Overall, safety labels can aid in preventing unpleasant incidents while alerting individuals to potential hazards.

4. Work-life balance

Home offices are often integrated with our living spaces. Labelling can help in maintaining a clear distinction between work and personal life. By keeping your work items labelled and organised, you can avoid inadvertently bringing work clutter into your living spaces. This separation of work and personal life can help in maintaining a healthy work-life balance while reducing stress.

5. Keep track of important assets

In a small home business setting or a home office with expensive equipment or valuable items, labelling your assets is very important. Labelling can aid in identifying and tracking all the assets, keeping a record of any item loaned out or missing.

Discover a range of label printers that help you get organised

We all want to be more organised but finding the time to do it in your busy work schedule can be challenging. When it comes to label printing, choosing the right device can ultimately come down to accessibility and ease of use.

Brother's P-touch PT-D460BT is just that - simple to use with a large graphical display and keyboard, with USB and Bluetooth connectivity options. This handy desktop label printer also comes bundled with free label design software and mobile apps, so you can organise your workspace as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Brother TZe labels on blue folders in a home office setting next to a keyboard

If you're not in need of a display and keyboard but still need the label printer to be portable, then the Brother P-touch Cube PT-P710BT may be an ideal option. This smart device is designed to seamlessly connect with your smartphone or PC and can print home office labels up to 24mm in width.

Now that you're aware of how a little labelling can make a big difference to your working life, why not explore the models and technology available from Brother. Check out the links below to contact our experts for more information or to view Brother's range of label printers.

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