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10 March 2023
Corporate News

This International Women’s Day (IWD) there has been a welcome focus on technology and how women fit into this fast developing and dynamic sector.

#IWD Mission Statement:

To elevate and advance gender parity in technology and celebrate the women forging innovation.

Editor-in-chief in note: Sometimes real life gets in the way, and in this case, Lis unfortunately had a family emergency involving medics and hospitals. Everyone is fine but it did throw a wrench into the publishing schedule for this piece.

Here at DRN we’ve been lucky enough to speak to Brother executives, Jade Coote, Head of Marketing and Leigh Murray, Head of Finance and Supply Chain. They’ve generously provided their time and answered discussion points regarding women in technology leadership roles, industry change and the future of the industry.


Jade: I have worked in marketing in the wider tech industry for much of my career; covering B2B, B2C, lifestyle etc and they’ve always been traditionally very male dominated industries. I remember a very first sales and marketing conference I attended as a junior in the marketing team and being the only female in attendance. I remember being the first female in my company to be given the opportunity for part-time employment when returning from parental leave (and being provided with support and development opportunities following this). I also remember being in the ELT at a previous company and was the only female voice of the group. I am extremely proud to have helped make this path a little easier for other females coming after me.

Leigh: I’ve worked across several industries as a senior finance professional in both permanent and contract roles. This has given me the opportunity to witness a range of different ways of working, both from a business process and management-style perspective. In developing my leadership style, I try to replicate elements of leadership which I’ve observed and personally experienced that had effective outcomes. I do believe that leadership is a learnt skill, structured learning is valuable but ultimately, it’s the real life situations or ‘runs on the board’ which allow you to iterate and continually develop & enhance your leadership style.


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