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Brother PJ-883 Review by PCMag Australia

14 October 2022
Product News
The Brother PocketJet PJ883 is the star of Brother's PocketJet 8 line, a collection of monochrome thermal portable printers that replace PocketJet 7 models, including the Brother PocketJet 7 PJ723-BK, our long-time top pick for mobile thermal printers. The PJ883 keeps everything we liked about the PocketJet 7 while adding significant improvements—most notably better output quality and faster speed.

Why would you want a PocketJet printer? They're commonly used for applications that require printing in a vehicle—from receipts in a delivery truck to tickets in a police car. But their light weight and small size also make them good choices for everything from printing a roofing proposal at a potential customer's kitchen table to using simply as a highly portable printer for anything you might need to print on the go.

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