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Oak and Orange Reviews the MFC-J4440DW

14 December 2022
Product News

In the past three years, we've become well acquainted with our home office set-ups. Whether it's a dedicated room or a nook in your bedroom, it's a space we spend roughly eight hours a day in. So, as an increase in work-from-home (WFH) continues into the New Year, why not treat yourself with a dedicated home office makeover. And the best part? You can do it all yourself!

DIY duo, Heather and Sarah from Oak and Orange have shared their tips on how to liven up the office space. After their most recent home office makeover, they have shared their best-kept DIY secrets that'll have your space looking fabulous- no matter what you're working with.


Of course, before one starts any project, preparation is key. While a relatively simple DIY, there are a few key things one must prep before commencing their office makeover. Sarah and Heather recommend these few key tips:

  • Consider practicality: When planning an office DIY, allow for ample storage as it allows for a clear workspace, free of cords and other distractions.

  • Mood board: Sarah and Heather recommend physical mood boarding to inform design choices. By visualising your dream space, project work can be completed with ease. Partnering with Brother Australia, they recommend the Brother INKvestment home office printer for any printing needs.

  • Measure your space: One of most important tools in any home project is a tape measure. Before making any purchases, measure your space to ensure you have enough room for all your essential items.

  • Check the placement of power points: Checking power point placement can ensure their locations are suitable for your room layout.

It is important to invest in necessary tools like your desk, office chair and printer. The MFC-J4440DW is perfect for any work-from-home set up.

Heather and Sarah from Oak & Orange share their tips on how to liven up a home office space with the help of the MFC-J4440DW.

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