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GIZMODO review of the Brother PT-P910BT Label Maker

06 October 2020
Product News
portable label printer p-touch cube pro pt-p910bt

The Brother P-Touch Cube Pro is Great For Businesses and Reformed Sticker Kids

Brother’s latest pocket printer, the P-Touch Cube Pro, is a nifty device for printing all kinds of labels. With the help of a handy app, the Cube Pro is able to print a variety of labels including custom-designed templates for businesses. If you’re keen on organisation or you’re looking at selling any kind of product, the Cube Pro is a worthy business companion. There is another, equally important market for the new printer, though: sticker kids from the early 2000s.

The early 2000s were a boom period for sticker fiends. If you weren’t rocking a sticker collection filled with Bratz dolls, holographic Digimon or scratch’n’sniff fruits on the playground, you weren’t cool. It had to be the right kind of sticker, though. The gold stars teachers would give you for performing well (the nerd stickers) didn’t count. They had to be fun, or have some kind of gimmick.

Stickers were a form of currency in schools during this period as kids traded stickers for recess or a turn on your Tamagotchi. There were cameras that created sticker memories, stickers that contained beads or jewels and even ‘dress up’ stickers that let you decorate cardboard dolls.


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