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Peter's Pillar of Support - Customer Testimonial

02 November 2020
Corporate News
brother sales representative peter in-store

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a significant amount of stress on us all over the course of 2020. Despite these rising pressures, Brother has stayed committed to providing quality service to our loyal customers in their time of need. Peter, one of our long-standing members of our sales team, communicates with our customers daily - providing where to buy information, helping them choose the right printer to meet their needs and answering any other queries that may come his way.

Recently, he helped one of our customers to find ink cartridges for their printer. Peter spent the time to identify the customer’s closest stores, the stock they had available and how to collect the inks in a convenient and COVID safe way. “This really is the best kind of customer service anyone can wish for”, Brother customer Sue Robertson exclaimed. “Peter went above and beyond to look at the problem from my perspective, and then try and offer solutions that were personal and non-generic”.

Brother’s At Your Side ethos is represented by Peter’s ability to go to all ends to assist our customers to get what they need, when they need it most. “You are doing the legwork, you have spent your time to ensure my individual problem is resolved. I was blown off my feet to receive such help.” By going the extra mile for Sue, she feels Brother’s customer support “exemplifies everything that should happen in customer service”.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Sue - we strive to deliver this level of support to every single one of our Brother customers day in, day out.