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Brother’s new P-Touch CUBE Pro is the level up to labelling you always knew you needed

01 September 2020
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p-touch cube pro pt-p910bt bluetooth connectivity

Brother’s new P-Touch CUBE Pro is the level up to labelling you always knew you needed

Sydney, Australia – 1st September 2020: The latest mobile label printer to join Brother’s 36mm range, the P-Touch CUBE Pro (PT-P910BT) is smart, sleek, and super flexible in application. It caters to commercial and professional spaces that require highly durable and customisable quality labels that can be created using smart phone or desktop devices, anywhere, anytime. It’s 36mm labelling capabilities allows users the freedom to design labels on a wider canvas, for highly visible and long-lasting important notices, including safety and office hygiene labels that raise awareness of COVID-safe practices for staff returning to work.

Arguably one of the most important features of this label printer is its built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which pairs with all personal devices. This makes it an easy choice for those who require customisable labels and ribbons across various locations. As a fully-featured label printer, it provides users the ability to print labels wirelessly from their PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, by utilising a range of free-to-download Brother desktop, iOS and Android label design apps. Coupled with the equally important rechargeable long-life Li-ion battery, this device is not only compact, but completely mobile. These features are especially important for workplaces which require staff to work out in the field using mobile devices, such as electricians, technical support members and individuals who need durable labels for asset marking, barcode or QR codes. The mobility and connectivity of the PT-P910BT allows users to work how they want, where they want.

The beauty of a label printer that is device agnostic, is that users are able to start creating labels straight away using any tablet or smartphone with a variety of apps. The free P-Touch Design&Print2 app provides simple, elegant labelling with a large range of pre-designed templates available. This app also turns the P-Touch CUBE Pro into a multicultural labelling machine, with some incredible new features including text scan, and text translation* capabilities. This allows workspaces who need clear signage in multiple languages, to be able to create them more easily and efficiently. For those who need full customisation, the free iPrint&Label app is also available on mobile devices, and lets users create labels with text, images, various fonts, resizing, and even creating barcodes and QR codes to enhance the interactive digital mobile experience in their space.

For those working on a PC or Mac, who are looking for a little more control over their label design, the free P-touch Editor label design software is an easy-to-use application that provides virtually unlimited design options. It allows users to work with text, images, frames, barcodes, and can even data merge with Microsoft Excel to print multiple labels at once; which when used with the advanced cutter (that can also rotate and half-cut) makes mail outs or large label jobs a breeze.

The versatility of this device stretches so far that Mobile Software Development Kits (SDK) are available for this product. This makes it an exceptional label printer for software developers looking for a simple, reliable, and inexpensive way to integrate the Brother P-Touch Cube Pro into any existing mobile application.

Loud, colourful, and personalised labels currently play a vital role in commercial and professional spaces, as customers look to create eye-catching instructional labels, not only for work files and documents, but also for health and hygiene reminders. The P-Touch CUBE Pro is perfect for personalised signage, as the ability to use up to 36mm wide TZe tape means larger, clearer messages on durable tape that has been tested to the extreme and designed to last. No matter the place or profession, this handy mobile label printer will make its mark, levelling up any labelling needs.

The P-Touch CUBE Pro (PT-P910BT) will be available through Australian Brother Resellers from September 1st, 2020.

*Text translation feature coming soon

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