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Geek Lingo Review of PT-P710BT Label Maker with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

14 December 2018
Product News
Geek Lingo Review of PT-P710BT

Reviewed by Noeneel Sharma

The days of clunky label printing is over. Brother’s PT-P710BT can work with any Android or iOS smartphone making label printing a breeze. Whether it’s your favourite emoji or name label for your lunchbox, you can do it right from your phone. However, smartphone label printing isn’t all the PT-P710BT offers. It has simplified the way we print labels by making the process clean, fast and efficient. Perfect timing for Christmas and the new school year.

Compatible with both android and apple devices

If you are not using a Windows Phone, there is a good chance that you can enjoy using this label maker with your device. We had a good play using both an android phone and an iPhone, and it worked well.


One thing that you will appreciate about the Brother PT-P710BT labeller is the connectivity options. Supporting both Bluetooth or USB connections, you would struggle not to find a way to connect your device. As we preferred to use our portable devices for the review, Bluetooth was our connection method of choice.

Variety of labels

Just like any other labeller, the Brother PT-P710BT labeller comes with the standard black and white cartridge. Likewise, it’s no different to other Brother label machines and offers the option to use a variety of other fancy and custom-made labels. These include ribbons, coloured labels, glitter and even the use of lace. Just a word of caution, if you are wanting to print QR codes, maybe stick with the standard labels.

No more AA batteries

Unlike the previous label makers that use AA batteries. The Brother PT-P710BT is powered by a built-in Li-ion battery. Charge time via USB is approximately 1 hour.

Final Thoughts

The Brother PT-P710BT is great for small offices and home-based businesses. It’s even perfect for families with school aged children. Being portable and usable with smartphones and tablets help to make it stand out from the rest. A great all rounder and here in time for Christmas.


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