Label Tapes and Rolls

Whether labelling for general office use or in extreme environments, you need labels that are fit for purpose, highly reliable and cost-effective. Brother's diverse range of label tapes and label rolls fulfil your complete and comprehensive labelling requirements with a robust selection that includes:

die-cut labels
Die-cut labels
continuous labels
Continuous labels
laminated tapes
Laminated tapes
fabric tapes
Fabric tapes
security labels
Security labels

No matter the application, Brother offers the hardware and flexibility to print any size or length label that suits you or your business needs.


DK label rolls and TZe tape

When it comes to labelling, flexibility matters. That’s why both TZe label tapes and DK label rolls are compatible with a wide range of label printers & makers for the complete gamut of labelling needs.


DK label rolls

QL range: Desktop thermal printers ranging from 62mm to 104mm in size.

TZe label tapes

P-touch label makers & printers: Includes handheld, electrical, desktop and PC-connectible devices.


DK label rolls

Perfect for labelling anything from envelopes and folders to address labels and visitor badges, DK label rolls are an effective solution for large and small businesses alike. Because of their texture, ink adheres easily to the label and produces a high-quality image – great for branded labels and logos. DK labels are custom printed on either paper or film material using two size-types of rolls:

  • Die-cut: Printed with predefined size and length for easy application and consistency
  • Continuous: Created on a label printer with a built-in automatic cutter, these labels are customisable in size to meet your requirements as needed

DK label capabilities and benefits

Labelling is a critical component of many important business processes, but no two labelling solutions are the same. With Brother DK label rolls, you stand to gain in many ways:

Roll labels are more sustainable than sheet labels as they produce less waste
Made from quality specialty paper or film for clear readability
Available in bulk packaging for large mailing lists
Permanent self-adhesive won’t fail during shipping
Continuous feeds make it easy to accommodate large printing jobs
Compatible with a variety of QL label printers
Pre-cut labels for easy deployment

How to use DK label rolls

Brother’s DK label rolls are a flexible, high-quality and dependable solution to a great number of critical labelling needs. Industries of all shapes and sizes can benefit from deploying DK labels:

Retail and Hospitality

Name badges, receipts, product labels, barcodes and safety labels

Warehouse and Logistics

Asset management, tracking and shipping labels

General Business

Visitor, file and folder identification

Emergency Services

Citations, fines and tickets


TZe Label Tapes

For applications where longevity and legibility is a concern, a laminated label is the ideal solution. The added resilience and durability of TZe tapes provides you with the peace of mind that compliance is maintained and labels meet their purpose. The TZe range includes:

  • Fluorescent tape: Stands out more than standard colour for warning signs and safety labels
  • Tamper evident security tape: Reveals a pattern if peeled off an item without authorisation
  • Fabric tape: Allows letters to be transferred to fabric, such as clothing or uniforms
  • Flexible identification tape: Enables easy identification of wires, cables and curved surfaces
  • Extra-strength adhesive tape: Supports double the adhesive strength of regular TZe tapes

Benefits of TZe label tapes

When ordinary labels won’t get the job done, durable labels are an easy choice. Brother’s TZe label tapes are designed with advanced capabilities to ensure your labels are used to their fullest potential. The result is a versatile labelling solution that produces a number of key advantages:

Tested against sunlight, abrasion, chemicals, water and extreme temperatures
Long-lasting adhesive material won’t fail or need frequent replacement
No ink, toner, ribbon or other supplies needed
Removable without leaving a sticky residue
Easy to peel and apply to any surface
Available in over 100 colours and widths

How to use TZe label tapes

Few labelling solutions are as versatile as Brother’s durable TZe label tapes. Whether at home or on the job, there’s no shortage of practical applications:


Kitchenware, bathroom supplies, pantry, outdoors and garage applications

General Office

Organising files, office supplies and other signage


Laboratory, specimen, calibration and medicine labels

Electrical and Automation

Name badges, receipts, product labels, barcodes and safety labels

Telecom and Data Comms

Rack and panel identification and structured cabling


How can Brother help your business?

At Brother, we know that labels are one of the most important assets to your organisation. With the quality and durability of our labelling solutions, you’ll gain the confidence and assurance that your most critical labels are protected and their applications are secured.