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Australian Environmental Activities

Brother has made a commitment to sustainability, as defined in the Brother Group Global Charter.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Brother helps society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of business operations.

Concern for the environment shall be the cornerstone of all operations. Safety and environmental impact shall be prime considerations at every stage of a product's lifecycle, from design, development, manufacturing, customer usage, and disposal, to reuse and recycling.


Global Environmental Activities

Click here for Brother's Global Environmental Activities.


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Brother Earth - Working With You for a Better Environment

Brother Earth describes our positive attitude and commitment to our communities and our planet. Our goal is to play our part to help build a society where sustainable development can be achieved by continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations.

The slogan from Brother Earth, working with you for a better environment, signifies a sense of responsibility to protect our global environment, and also the desire to consider environmental issues and take action together with a

"Click for the Earth" at and Brother will make a donation to an environmental conservation project on your behalf.ll stakeholders.

Visitors at can choose how funds are allocated to a variety of global environmental conservation projects such as Earthwatch Australia.

Visit for details of how Brother is contributing to environmental sustainability on a global basis

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Supporting Earthwatch Australia

Brother International Australia has an exciting, long-term partnership with Earthwatch Australia, to facilitate critical conservation efforts focused on Climate Change and Sustainable Resource Management. Brother directly supports ocean research

 being conducted by Earthwatch into Climate Change in the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Coast.

Because Brother wants to see their staff engaged with environmental issues – not just following company policy, Brother employees, stakeholders, customers and business partners, have the opportunity to be part of an environmental volunteering program where they become a 'Scientist For a Day'. This includes a one-day in-field project across various Australian states. Further to this support, Earthwatch Australia is the recipient of the proceeds derived from the 'Click for the Earth' campaign.

Each year, the campaign generates additional funding for Earthwatch to continue its valuable scientific research programs. Brother has also committed to donating Multi-Function Centres, mobile printers and labellers for use by scientists in research labs 

as well as in the field. Click here for the latest Brother/Earthwatch partnership update.


5Rs of recycling 

The 5R’s of Brother

The Brother Group established the 5R concept, which lays the foundation and sets the guidelines for active participation in global efforts. Brother International Australia is guided by these environmental policies, and we have adopted the 5R concept as a basis for our own environmental activities:

1. REDUCE waste material by recycling
2. REUSE products and waste material
3. REFUSE to buy environmentally unfriendly products
4. REFORM materials and use again
5. RECYCLE rather than scrap

In 2012 and 2013, Brother International Australia, won the Brother Group Global 5R Award for its outstanding Environmental Contribution programs.

Visit our recycling page.


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Brother’s product stewardship management strategy ensures it takes environmental responsibility of its end-of-life consumables and machine disposal.

Brother is proud to be a full funding partner of the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' recycling program. This Australia wide program collects and returns cartridges for recycling with a zero waste to landfill guarantee.

The program is free for consumers, is independently audited, and coordinated through a network of over 30,000 businesses and over 3,000 retail outlets. Brother makes sure the product life-cycle doesn’t end up in landfill, through its support of producer responsibility programs to create a culture of recycling.

For information on how to recycle your used Genuine Brother cartridges visit



In addition to consumable recycling, Brother is a member of E-cycle solutions e-waste recycling program.

This end of life product management program provides consumers with a free national e-waste recycling service in-line with Australia’s Product Stewardship Scheme.

As a member of E-Cycle’s e-waste recycling arrangement, we provide funding so you can dispose of your end of life printers free of charge in an environmentally responsible way. Recycling locations can be found at

Environmental Policies & Management

Australian Packaging Covenant

As part of its ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, Brother is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). This voluntary commitment will ensure our due consideration of environmental impacts associated with packaging.

Actions will include the internal adoption of Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for packaging, and annual reporting of packaging related initiatives designed to minimise environmental degradation.

Click here to download the APC Action Plan

Brother's Environmental Protection Measure

Brother printers and MFCs have adopted a printing system that reduces consumables wastage. This printing system ensures that users no longer have to throw away a drum or inkjet print heads every time the toner or ink cartridge has been depleted. Toners and ink cartridges may now be replaced separately.

Additionally, all models have a draft print mode to reduce the amount of toner or ink required for standard prints.

brother printer recycling   brother printer recycling

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Environmental Management

Brother International Australia's Environmental Management System (EMS) is ISO 14001 certified and its world-wide production facilities are ISO 9001 certified - ensuring environmental sustainability coupled with uncompromising quality. EMS Policy download