Reliable and efficient equipment means better healthcare

Reliable and efficient equipment means better healthcare

From chaotic emergency rooms to quiet waiting rooms, the healthcare industry relies on technology to perform its tasks reliably so carers can focus on the health of patients rather than the health of their IT equipment. The day-to-day operations of most healthcare facilities produces a great number of printed documents, so having printers that can be relied on to handle rigorous use is paramount.

When your equipment works well, it is almost invisible, faithfully plugging away and producing prints day in, day out. As a result, it is easy to dismiss the impact a quality machine can have in a healthcare environment.

For healthcare professionals, they need tools that help them do their job quickly, efficiently and reliably. Just as you wouldn’t consider an MRI or x-ray machine that didn’t perform flawlessly, the same level of quality must also be demanded from your administrative equipment as well. This is the primary design goal of the latest series of scalable, modular monochrome laser printers. The range is built from the ground up with flexibility in mind allowing you to create the type of system you want. In essence, it is one machine to all people.

Flexible to your needs

Whether it is a smaller two-tray printer in a GP office or a high volume floor standing-model in a hospital, the latest range can be modularly adapted to fit your workflow. Every healthcare professional is different and the needs of an environment can change over time.

Adding a new paper tray isn’t only so you can increase the capacity of paper in the printer but is rather a way to provide extra functionality to the printer as well. By specifying which print jobs use which tray, you can have all of your scripts in one tray, pathology slips in another, have one tray for radiology slips and fourth tray for administration/letterheads etc. In a larger environment and combined with networking and workgroup features, a single machine can service an entire ward or medical centre.

Helping you help others

This great printing solution should work for you to help raise efficiency and free up staff to concentrate on their important work with patients. The healthcare industry is of particular importance to Brother as it is unlike any other business. In a regular office, a half hour saved is only extra minutes for more work but in healthcare that time translates directly to helping people. That is the goal, to help you so you can better help others leaving you to do the important work you are trained for and leaving the worry or frustration of administration to us.

Understanding the Brother range and how we can help

Brother’s professional multi-function centre range is available at different price points and feature sets. The range is comprised of multi-function printers as part of the MFC series and dedicated printers in the HL series. Our suite of products are designed to improve your workflow and can be integrated with multiple software packages used in the healthcare industry including Cerner, EPIC and Meditech.

Our dedicated product expert team whose sole purpose is to work with companies to discuss complete technology packages tailored to the specific needs of a workspace.

To find out how our team have helped the healthcare industry visit our corporate solutions website or contact us for a free consultation.

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