Optimising supply chains with label and mobile solutions

A warehouse worker placing labels on packages on a conveyor belt with stock piled up around.

Supply chains rely on efficient solutions that keep business moving. Nowadays, customers expect faster delivery times, meaning supply chains have to adapt to keep up with demand. This acceleration has led many companies searching for on-the-go solutions that tie into their existing infrastructure.

Throughout the supply chain there are many pain points that can be easily solved with mobile technology. For example, older warehouses aren’t always equipped or designed with electrical outlets in close proximity to packaging areas.

That’s where today’s mobile printers, labellers, scanners and apps provide end-to-end solutions across the supply chain, equipping your workforce with connected devices that get the job done.

Print on the go

From warehouse operators who can print labels and barcodes anywhere in the building, to drivers who can print A4 documents on the go, today’s mobile technologies can improve workflows across all operations.

Brother devices like the RJ-3250WB provide fast, compact and rugged portable printing solutions. By empowering workers to operate with speed, accuracy and efficiency, the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enables three-inch labels to be created from anywhere on the warehouse floor. Built for mobility, Brother’s RuggedJet series can function on their side or upside down, printing high-quality labels and receipts every time – no matter how many bumps on the road they endure.

Portable thermal printers will bring your operations into the future, while connected software enables high-quality printing and labelling on the go. Today’s manufacturing and distribution warehouses are often large buildings that require workers to walk back and forth between their workstations in order to complete tasks efficiently. Portable printers allow them less time spent doing this which improves productivity.

Portable printers like the Brother PJ-883 Bundle Pack allow your drivers to print A4 documents on the road, without ink or toner. Thanks to the in-vehicle mounting capabilities of this versatile device, compliance and delivery documentation is available wherever your drivers are. Portable solutions allow you to ramp up speed throughout the supply chain, with updates accessible to you via centralised data on connected software platforms.

Brother devices like the RJ-3250WB provide fast, compact and rugged portable printing solutionsBrother devices like the RJ-3250WB provide fast, compact and rugged portable printing solutions

Enable pinpoint accuracy

Thermal transfer label printers like the Brother TD-4750TNWB provide versatile labelling solutions that offer a variety of distribution applications. From inventory and shipping to barcode and product labelling – the TD-4 range of thermal label printers allows you to easily and affordably produce the right label for the task at hand.

Product tracking vulnerabilities are often tied to the sheer number of goods being manufactured and delivered along today’s fast-moving supply chain. As a result, your business needs a printer that can handle high volumes of product labels. Brother’s Titan Industrial Label Printers like the TJ-4522TN can print over 10,000 labels per day, allowing your business to keep pace with supply chain demand.

How connected apps improve supply chain efficiency

As eCommerce and transportation industries continue to grow, the volume of labels being produced will only increase. To keep up with these demands and maintain efficient supply chain operations, it is crucial for manufacturers to invest in reliable equipment which includes portable printers for on-the-go labelling.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, a portable printing solution can help to mitigate errors and lower costs. Investing in the proper equipment and ensuring that barcodes are easily scannable can ensure smooth operations and satisfaction for all parties involved.

From packing to compliance and rating labels, the traceability of your products is guaranteed, thanks to connectivity with software applications designed to complement your labelling solutions – regardless of scale. Brother’s accompanying software deployments ensure accessibility through connected mobile devices and seamless integration with warehouse management systems, providing complete oversight for your products across the supply chain.

Applications like the Brother iPrint&Scan tool are easy to install and interface with selected portable devices, allowing your workforce to bolster their mobile printing and labelling capabilities with a variety of useful features.

The ability to reformat labels from the warehouse floor empowers your workforce to add elements that abide by compliance requirements in heavily-regulated sectors, like the food industry.

The interconnectivity with your platforms and databases enables the creation of barcodes that provide line-of-sight into your inventory management status. Regardless of the software you deploy for your critical workflows and business processes, Brother Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide a simple, reliable means of integrating print capabilities with your existing applications.

The easily connected SDK platform enables your mobile printing devices to seamlessly integrate with your operational architecture in order to improve the productivity of your workforce.

From packing to compliance and rating labels, the traceability of your products is guaranteed with Brothers labelling solutions accompanied by software deploymentsFrom packing to compliance and rating labels, the traceability of your products is guaranteed with Brother’s labelling solutions accompanied by software deployments

How Brother can help move your business forward

Enhance your business efficiency by making it easier to print documents, labels and receipts. With a wide range of hardware and software options available, you can find a solution that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Learn more about how Brother can help streamline your operations across the supply chain by visiting our transport, warehouse and logistics solutions page. When you’re ready to optimise the productivity of your connected workflow, contact us in order to unveil the mobile-capable devices and deployments that will take your business to the next level.


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