Is your firm using the right management tools?

Is your firm using the right management tools?

Minimising costs and working efficiently is crucial for the smooth operation of accounting firms – the right printer solution goes a long way to ensuring your document management accurately represents reports while protecting your clients’ confidentiality.

The ability to allocate time and effort to a task is critical to the multi-function printers, scanners and copiers are not new. They have been on the market for many years but the ability to better manage high volume print and costs associated with operating the devices has developed significantly.

That means making two important decisions:

  1. Selecting a document management solution with minimal associated costs to manage profitability and the ability to process high volumes of financial documents for storage.
  2. Choosing the right multi-function devices that support essential functions such as multi-tray support for different paper stock and secure printing so documents aren’t left unsecured in output trays.

Implement the right mix of management tools and hardware to optimise efficiency and reduce costs

This capability requires a change in thinking. Multi-function devices are part of a comprehensive information management regime that enforces robust security, making it easy to ensure devices are always operating reliably and keeping costs to a minimum. Due to the high-volume level of printing required by accounting firms, it’s crucial to ensure that budgets are considered when implementing a print management solution.

Brother’s ultra-high-yield toner cartridges are redefining print in the corporate world. Some of Brother’s monochrome laser range benefit from this technology which has a direct impact on lowering the total cost of ownership and reducing running costs.

Confidentiality is also crucial when printing or scanning sensitive documents, for both private and corporate clients. When a print job is sent to a Brother device, the cover page prints from one paper tray, while the main body and back page is printed from another, optimising security of data and files. The pages are collated correctly, but they are only released to authorised and authenticated identities.

These different activities need to work with the software accounting firms depend on. This makes shopping for the right hardware and software to support the business very important for the smooth commercial operation of many businesses.

This is something accounting firms are extremely adept and requires the use of tools that make reporting straightforward. For accountants, high volume printing is a sheer necessity. Financial records, reports and audits account for only a fraction of the documents that firms print daily. In addition, due to the nature of the industry, accountants see many long days and nights so a printer that can keep up with the workload and continue producing documents with speed and accuracy is necessary.

Understanding hardware

When it comes to the hardware, there are several key factors to consider.

  • Reliable hardware that is supported by a local company who can assist with the setup and ongoing operation.
  • Quick completion of Print Jobs, supporting the use of multiple paper stock, so staff don’t waste time on waiting for jobs to appear.
  • Scanning needs to be able to handle multi-page, double-sided documents quickly and then stored securely.
  • These tasks must respect the health and safety of staff through quiet operation that doesn’t add unnecessary decibels of noise to the office.

Brother offers many print solutions that can satisfy all those needs. Our devices support the easy collation of documents, making it simple to get everything together even when there are multiple people working on one file at the same time.

For example, the Brother Professional Monochrome range delivers fast monochrome printing and scanning capability with great paper handling, perfect for accounting firms that print an endless amount of reports, audits and records each day.

What about software?

Many of Brother’s products can be managed through print management software like PaperCut, which allows an organisation to control the number of pages printed while offering cloud remote printing options and mobile connectivity.

This tool is also ideal for firms that have undergone a work environment culture change, allowing employees to work wirelessly, remotely or in the office without being fixed to a traditional desk or if they have adopted BYOD policies.

Other printing or scanning factors to consider

If the firm needs to extend to colour, then Brother’s colour laser range will make it easy to produce quality coloured documents for any business requirement. Automatic Document Feeders (ADFs) allow these network-connected printers to scan and save large volumes of documents quickly saving time for staff so they can focus their skills on the important task of serving clients rather than excessive administration duties.

Furthermore, if a department only requires scanning functions, Brother’s desktop scanners can be strategically deployed to efficiently meet the demands of high-volume document management requirements.

These tools come together to support the critical function of managing client data securely and efficiently, and thanks to Brother’s low total cost of ownership and high pages per minute it’s achieved economically and efficiently. Less time is spent on printing and scanning and consumable costs are low. That means your firm can deliver great service, keep control of costs and maintain strong profitability.

How can Brother help your business?

Brother has a dedicated Corporate Solutions Team whose sole purpose is to work with companies to discuss complete technology packages tailored to the specific needs of a workspace. The team is dedicated to delivering top of the range products and solutions to assist customers in meeting their evolving business needs. The team will endeavour to better understand your print environment and come up with a suite of products to improve your workflow.

For more information on how Brother can help visit the corporate solutions website or contact us directly.


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