How to use waterproof labels at home or on the job

How to use waterproof labels at home or on the job

Harsh conditions and wet environments are a major challenge when it comes to labelling. Whether it be at home or on the job, exposure to water, rain or snow can deteriorate, fade or smudge identifying information – thus defeating the purpose of the label.

As an important part of any professional workflow or home organisation strategy, you deserve a label that won’t let you down when exposed to the elements. That’s why waterproof labels are the long-lasting solution for your labelling needs – no matter the context.

When labelling in wet environments, waterproof labels are a must-have solution.When labelling in wet environments, waterproof labels are a must-have solution

Why use waterproof labels?

Whether it be to identify dangerous chemicals, keep track of critical equipment or simply declutter storage spaces throughout the house, labels fulfil an important purpose wherever they’re affixed.

When a label deteriorates, such as when it’s exposed to water, that vital function could be compromised. That’s a problem that not only disrupts the application of the label but could also jeopardise the safety and well-being of those in the immediate area.

Waterproof labels are your ideal solution – and for great reason.

Waterproof labels use a more durable technology that prolongs the life cycle of your labels and saves you valuable time and money in the long run. You stand to gain plenty from a waterproof label:

  • Durability: Waterproof labels are made with more layers of protective material than ordinary labels, allowing them to withstand a wide range of harsh elements
  • Long-lasting adhesion: According to testing, strong-adhesive labels maintain three times the adhesive strength of standard labels on average
  • Ease of use: With a proper label printer, custom label printing can be easy
  • Peace of mind: A long-lasting waterproof label gives you the confidence that your labels won’t fail unexpectedly
  • Organisation: Keep track of your critical assets or household belongings with custom waterproof labels

How to use waterproof labels around the house

A durable label has many practical applications:

  • Bath and beauty labels: Declutter your bathroom with waterproof labels that withstand moisture in the shower and around the sink
  • Kitchen: Waterproof labels can help you keep track of water bottles and food containers. Plus, they won’t deteriorate when run through the dishwasher or under the faucet
  • School supplies: Attaching durable labels to your childrens’ backpacks and lunchboxes are a great way to keep everything safe and organised – especially on rainy school days
Lunchboxes and other labelled kitchenware might come in frequent contact with water.Lunchboxes and other labelled kitchenware might come in frequent contact with water

How to take advantage of a waterproof label strategy at work

Whether it be skates, sticks or helmets, ice rink managers need to keep their equipment organised – no easy challenge given the frequent abrasions and exposure to moisture. With waterproof technology, labels easily withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day use.

But you don’t need to be an ice rink manager to appreciate the value of waterproof labelling. From one industry to the next, waterproof label technology is casting a wide net of solutions in a professional setting:

  • Compliance: For many organisations, warning labels are a tightly regulated area of business. Waterproof adhesive stickers can help you meet compliance requirements and produce long-lasting, durable warning labels in any context
  • Food & beverage: Dietary information is especially important on product labels in the food & beverage industry. Items are frequently pulled in and out of refrigerators, which means moisture is prone to accumulate. Waterproof labels can help businesses ensure all product labels are kept safe, legible and adhesive
  • Construction: For just about any outdoor business, harsh elements pose a risk to critical equipment. If rain, snow or humidity erodes a label, maintenance may be missed on hazardous machinery and safety could be compromised. An accurate, durable label ensures maintenance is scheduled on time throughout the build
Waterproof labels are especially useful for frequently refrigerated goods.Waterproof labels are especially useful for frequently refrigerated goods

You need a label that won’t fade or deteriorate. That’s why our waterproof roll of TZe label tape is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With seven layers of material, waterproof labels empower you to meet your labelling needs, whether it be at home or on the job.

Learn more about how our waterproof label solutions can benefit you or your business by contacting our team today.


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