A guide to printing anywhere

A guide to printing anywhere

With the rate of business always accelerating, many critical business operations are performed on the fly. Of course, printing is no exception.

Whether you work in government, sales, healthcare or logistics, almost any industry relies on printing important documents at a moment’s notice – in almost any location. To maintain the pace of doing business, companies need equally speedy and convenient printing solutions. From mobile apps to portable printers, modern solutions are empowering businesses to print anywhere at any time.

Print on the go with mobile and portable printing

Given the rising tide of hybrid work, the importance of printing from any location is becoming exceedingly obvious. Nowadays, anybody can work anywhere. So why not print anywhere, too?

Of course, you may be wondering what printing on the go actually means. When it comes to printing anywhere – inside the office or out – there are three primary categories to be take into consideration:

  • Printing from mobile devices: Be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet, it’s increasingly important to be able to print from any device. Employees are performing work on such devices like never before. To support these workflows, organisations need cloud printing solutions that integrate those tools into the company’s entire infrastructure
  • Printing from remote desktop: Remote printing connects hybrid workers to in-office employees. In turn, they’re able to fulfill critical print jobs regardless of location
  • Printing on a portable printer: Even before the massive migration to hybrid work, many employees were working remotely or in the field due to their specific job function. Today, you never know where personnel may be located. What you do know is how important it is for a critical print job to be completed as quickly as possible. When an important document needs printing, it’s imperative that remote workers are empowered to get the job done

How do these methods compare to traditional printing – the typical stationary desktop kind most businesses know and love? Ideally, these print strategies go hand in hand.

At a glance, the processes are the same and serve the same vital business purpose. They complement each other under the same print infrastructure. Under the surface, mobile print solutions are merely stretching the physical limits of traditional print.

A lady walking down a side street printing from her smartphone.
With a mobile app, you can print to any office location in a single click

How does printing anywhere actually work?

It’s important to know the ins and outs of printing on the go. In doing so, you’ll obtain a proper understanding of how mobile printing functions and which print jobs are best performed by a portable device. Better yet, you’ll know exactly how mobile print solutions can support your organisation’s workflows.

To get started, you’ll need:

  1. A cloud compatible printer such as the Brother MFC-L9570CDW
  2. A cloud print service, like PaperCut’s Mobility Print, and your account login information

When you log in to your cloud service account, you can access any devices connected to your print infrastructure from any location.

Printing with a mobile app

Australia is expected to reach 21.5 million smartphone users by 2025, according to data from Statista. With this number growing, it’s vital that mobile devices be able to access critical print infrastructures.

For example, Brother’s Mobile Connect app enables employees to access their cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive, allowing them to access documents on their smartphones so they can print their work documents at any office location.

Print from a remote desktop

By connecting remote printers to your company’s cloud printing service, hybrid employees can easily print a document to the office that originated at home. Cloud print solutions, like Microsoft’s Universal Print, empower workers to complete a critical print job from any location without throwing off anyone’s workflow.

Printing anywhere on a portable printer

Whether you need a label in a jam or need to print a document quickly, portable printers are your best-fit solution. With thermal printing technology, portable devices give your workforce the freedom to reliably print virtually anywhere without the potential mess of portable inkjet alternatives. Most importantly, documents are produced quickly, easily and without interruption.

Benefits of printing from anywhere

With the freedom to print from any location or from any device, your workforce obtains countless advantages. Of the many, the most significant may include:

  • Improved collaboration: You can quickly and easily share digital and physical documents, supporting an important collaborative experience. Better yet, cloud print management allows you to see which in-office printers are in use or unavailable
  • Reliable printing: With portable printers, there’s no need to put off a critical print job until you’re back at your desk.
  • Convenience: Printing anywhere means being able to print from a car, cafe or any location necessary
  • Cost savings: Mobile printing solutions empower you to print only the documents that matter most, thus saving big on paper and other supplies

Brother knows the importance of being able to print from any place, at any time on almost any device. That’s why printing solutions such as our PocketJet mobile printers empower organisations to take critical print jobs on the go at any moment. Compatible with many devices, employees can fulfill important tasks at lightning speed, no matter their physical location.

Learn more about how Brother can support your organisation’s mobile print infrastructure by contacting our team today.


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