Respectful Communications Statement

At Brother International Australia we believe everyone deserves a safe and valued workplace and that is why we have put together our Respectful Communications Statement.

We are dedicated to being at your side to deliver exceptional service and support and our commitment is to provide free lifetime support for Brother products. For this support to be effective we always expect respectful communication, be that on-line, phone, chat, or in person. If you have a question or require assistance, we are here to listen and find a solution together.

In return we ask that all customers respect our team.

We are choosing not to tolerate threatening, abusive or violent behaviour.
Under these circumstances no member of staff is required or obliged to continue to engage with such a customer in any form of correspondence. Our team reserves the right to issue a warning or, if necessary, discontinue communication.

Thank you for your help in creating a positive and respectful space while interacting with the Brother team.