Brother release new scanner range perfect for document management on the move

Sydney, Australia – 3 February 2020: With the future of workspaces becoming increasingly digital and flexible, syncing document management across physical and virtual spaces is vital. With this in mind, Brother Australia have released two new mobile scanners, the DS-640 and DS-940DW, so that customers can scan, save and share their documents with ease, no matter the time or place. Ergonomically designed, both devices have a small footprint, making them ideal for workplaces where space is at a premium. Whether it be scanning patient ID at healthcare clinics, managing sales contracts on the road, sharing blueprints at construction sites, handling logistics paperwork in a warehouse, or inputting receipts in retail stores, the new series of scanners can benefit all workspaces.

With flexibility and productivity at the heart of the new range, Brother has raised the bar in mobile scanning on the go, by creating compact and lightweight devices that are so portable, they can slide right into your laptop bag or briefcase. Engineered to be truly adaptable, users can stay organised by converting, editing and sharing information effortlessly. Brother have made this exceptionally easy for customers, by bundling these scanners with industry leading document management software, Kofax Power PDF and Nuance PaperPort SE 14. This provides users with phenomenal value, ensuring that users have document editing and management capabilities straight out of the box, and at no added cost.

Considered genuine work companions, these USB3.0 powered scanners can scan up to 15 pages per minute, as well as manage a wide range of document types including A4, ID cards and receipts. Taking the features up a notch, the flagship model, DS-940DW, has a built-in Li-ion battery that allows for scanning without a power supply, and also has the added perks of Wi-Fi connectivity, an intuitive LCD panel, and an expandable microSD card slot for higher volume scanning needs. This scanner works seamlessly with your mobile devices using Brother’s free mobile iPrint&Scan app, eliminating the need for a computer, and providing a truly mobile experience. Convenient and space saving, the DS-940DW also offers two-sided (duplex) scanning, while the unique “U-Path” paper feed means documents feed through without needing any extra space behind the scanner.

“Flexibility is the future of the workplace, as many find their work is moving away from the typical desk set-up. With technology playing such a big role in the rise of the ‘mobile office’, users need to have the right tools at their disposal, particularly when document management is involved,” said Stefanie Dixon, Marketing Manager SMB, Brother Australia.

“Regardless of the shift to digital, paper documents such as contracts and invoices still hold a vital place in business. This is why our team at Brother looked to create devices that enhance user workflow. These practical, space-saving and time-saving mobile scanners are portable, easy to use, and can meet the needs of busy people who work on the go.”

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