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Digital Reviews Network review of the Brother QL-810W

12 November 2020
Product News

Brother QL-810W Label Printer - Solid Performer backed by comprehensive mobile app

Hot off the heels of the fabulous and versatile Brother P-Touch Cube Pro, we get a play with a more traditional label printer - the Brother QL-810W. It is Brother's fastest label printer and DRN gets to put it to test. Many thanks again to Brother Australia for partnering with DRN for this review.

First Impressions

The QL-810W is designed to be placed on a desk to spit out labels as required. It is more utilitarian in look particularly when compared to the P-Touch Cube Pro and would not look out of place at a reception printing out visitor's labels. In fact I am pretty sure more than a few of my clients would have sported a variant of it but I would be hard press to be more definite. And I suppose this is the heart of the matter - the QL-810W is inoffensive, solid and blends in well into any environment.

The front of the unit is adorned by six buttons - power, feed, cutter, WPS, WiFi and Editor Lite. All except the last is self explanatory. A quick Google says that the P-touch Editor Lite is built-in label design software, the main difference is that you can create and print labels without installing a printer driver.

Overall the device is solidly built, right down to the cover piece. When the cover is fully open though, there is a small bit of flex at the hinge so don't go all Hulk at it.

Setting Up

The QL-810W supports both USB and WiFi connections, although the latter requires the USB connection for the initial setup. I grabbed the latest drivers off the Brother website and followed the instructions in the wizard. It was a no fuss process and the printer was ready to go in minutes.


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