What is managed print services? MPS explained

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Managing your company's printing in-house can be a struggle.

Not only does it take away from the time that you could be spending on your clients, but it can get expensive and stressful.

The option of sending your printing needs to a commercial printer is not very convenient, either. If buying your own printers is too time consuming and using a commercial printer is too expensive, where does that leave you?

A managed print service is the most convenient solution for any business that regularly needs to print. While in-house printing requires you to constantly be on top of all your printing demands, and commercial printers will cost you an arm and a leg, this approach takes care of everything for you at a reasonable cost.

But what exactly is MPS and how does it work?

What does MPS stand for?

MPS stands for Managed Print Services, a full-service solution that helps streamline an organisation's print environment. MPS offers companies the ability to increase efficiency and save on costs by centralising control of all printing devices, from the management of printer fleets to managing print inputs such as paper, toner, and ink.

MPS provides businesses with access to reports on essential metrics such as usage data, and it allows them to effectively manage their storage environment while reducing waste. This printing solution is an effective way for organisations to gain control over their print infrastructure and ultimately lead to a more reliable, productive and cost-effective business.

How does managed print services work?

Managed print services are provided to a company by a third party, and these services manage the company's document and printing needs. The provider tracks any issues for you and is able to fix them for you in a timely manner. They also keep up with any parts and supplies that need to be replaced and will send you new ones.

The MPS provider will also service your printers for you, so don't worry if you’re not printer-savvy - they will come to you and maintain your printers so you don't have to.

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3 benefits of managed print services

There are many different reasons as to why MPS is a great option for your business. The benefits that are associated with using MPS range from lower costs to less time spent on print management and can do wonders for your business.

1. Staying focused on your business

MPS manages your print services for you, allowing you to stay focused on your work. If you manage your printing in-house, you have to actively stay on top of when you're running low on supplies and keep track of what your individual printing costs are.

Commercial printers require you to still be fully aware of all the decisions that are being made and approve different steps throughout the process. The partnership with a commercial printer is not personal like one is with an MPS provider. 

2. Modern technology without breaking the bank

When partnering with MPS specialists, your business is able to take advantage of the newest printing technology. Have a tight budget? No worries - an MPS partnership gives you various payment options to keep costs low.

Maybe you want to keep your printing costs within a monthly budget. Try a monthly payment plan: this way, there are no surprise costs. Or perhaps your company doesn't typically print frequently, but has a large project coming up that will require a lot of printing. MPS also offers leasing options, allowing your business to lease the equipment that you need. 

3. Controlling print costs

The initial MPS audit will be able to help both your specialist and your business determine what your print needs are. This audit will help provide insight into your company's printing costs as it lays out what your needs are and how your MPS specialist can assist with those needs.

It's also very helpful for the MPS specialist as it gives them an inside look into your current printing situation. This will better aid them in suggesting the best plans for your business, so they can recommend where you can improve.

For more information, read our helpful guide on when you should look into managed print services

How does MPS help your business?

MPS has a lot of benefits, but how do you know if it's the best choice for your business? Thankfully, the benefits that are associated with MPS are tailored to help any business reach their full potential.


MPS makes it easier to securely print important documents by lowering the amount of risks, while increasing the amount of protective measures. New authentication features and prevention of password theft are just the beginning of what MPS can do to improve security efforts. A few other risk prevention tactics include:

  • Sign-in procedures (examples include a PIN number or access card)
  • Waste disposal
  • Automatic hard drive wiping features

Higher productivity

MPS allows your business to work seamlessly without having to stop and worry about printing problems. They keep track of any issues your printers may be having, and fix them for you. MPS specialists are also able to train your employees on any tricky software or technology associated with printing, saving you time when onboarding new employees. MPS programs are also able to quickly get rid of printers that are too slow or don’t work at all, saving you the time it would take to troubleshoot, select and order an entirely new printer.

  • Allows your business to spend more time on what's important
  • MPS specialists track when your printers are having issues, and will fix it for you

Save money

You can save money with MPS in a variety of ways. The initial audit that's done can help you assess what your needs are, thus often reducing the amount of print-related purchases that your business needs to make. Your organisation should now be able to purchase less printers than before MPS, as there is no longer a need for local printers. The audit also allows for cost predictability, so your business can plan out exactly what you will be spending on print needs.

  • Can purchase less printers with MPS
  • Detailed analysis of printing needs ensures that you only buy what you need, where you need

Unlocking the potential of your print environment with MPS

Ultimately, no matter the size or scope of your business, a managed print solution from Brother can greatly improve the efficiency and overall success of your printing environment. By systematically monitoring usage, actively managing ink and toner, and providing knowledgeable support every step of the way, you'll be able to enjoy a more efficient work environment with reduced waste.

To consider if managed print services is right for you, contact a Brother representative today and pick their brains. With their help and advice, you'll be able to maximise your resources and streamline office processes so that you focus on what's really important: running your business.

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