Sustaining Office Sustainability

Sustaining Office Sustainability

Running an eco-points program is an engaging, easy and practical way your organisation can contribute towards an environmentally sustainable future. It incentivises best practices and systematically changes habits and behaviours to achieve eco goals within your organisation. The program is not only beneficial for the environment but will help reduce costs as well.

What is an eco-points program?

An eco-points program is where points are earnt by completing eco tasks and actions each month to create awareness and education around sustainability issues. For example, setting your PC to hibernate or monitor to automatically switch off during breaks and when you finish work – the energy from a monitor left powered-up overnight could have been used to make 800 A4 sheets of paper. It generally includes around five eco actions each month designed to create awareness and promote greener habits.

Points are traded in at the end of the year and converted to funds towards a tree planting day. The monthly actions are aimed at tackling environmental and climate change issues such as paper re-use/recycling, resource conservation, waste reduction and water saving.

An example of an eco-points program at Brother is:


Choosing to walk rather than driving short distances, riding a bicycle, catching public transport, carpooling and driving efficiently are ways we can help cut pollution and can save you hundreds of dollars per year!

If you are driving, here are some fuel efficiency tips and tricks:

  • Drive smoothly and try to maintain a steady speed – more revs equals more petrol use
  • Air conditioners can use about 10% extra fuel when operating. However, at speeds of over 80 km/h, use of air-conditioning is better for fuel consumption than an open window as this creates aerodynamic drag
  • If you are stopping for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic, you can turn off your engine. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel and creates more pollution than simply restarting your engine
  • Inflate your vehicle’s tyres to the highest pressure recommended by the manufacturer and make sure your wheels are properly aligned. Looking after your tyres will not only reduce your fuel consumption it will also extend tyre life and improve handling
  • Ensure the wheel alignment is correctly set and the brakes aren’t dragging, as these can both increase rolling resistance and chew up more fuel
  • Travel light. Make sure you don’t have heavy items in the boot or backseat weighing the car down unnecessarily

An eco-commute checklist

  • Have committed to driving slower and/or less aggressively
  • Know when to use your car’s air conditioner efficiently and avoid unnecessary idling
  • If you are stopping for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic, you turn off your engine. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel and creates more pollution than simply restarting your engine
  • Checked your tyre pressure this month, and adjusted if needed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations

This is an easy and practical way you can encourage your workplace to build a more sustainable future.

Find out how Brother continues to invest in eco-friendly products as well as more things you personally can do to help our environment at


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