KOI Dessert Bar: A bittersweet journey for the Poernomo brothers

KOI Dessert Bar: A bittersweet journey for the Poernomo brothers

Their passion for the sweet life began with their mother Ike, who began selling macaron desserts to cafes in 2012. Three years later brothers Ronald (floor and management), Reynold (pastry) and Arnold (savoury) found a cool looking venue and launched KOI (Kids Of Ike).

Having cut their teeth on Masterchef Asia and Australia, Ronald and Arnold were ready to bring their skills to life in a venue of their own. They wanted to create the ultimate dessert bar. While the early days weren’t always easy – there were punches and food thrown – the mutual respect they have as brothers means they have always had each other’s back. Life has indeed proved sweet with the brothers being named in the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 in 2017.

Life’s pretty sweet with Brother at your side.

Originally produced content by Guardian Labs Australia to a brief agreed with and paid for by Brother.


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