Print hardware: How to lower your total cost of ownership

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Quality print hardware is a necessity in today’s workplace environment. To stay ahead of increasingly complex business processes, your organisation requires a multi-capable solution, equipped to handle various print, scan and email tasks. With so many touchpoints, even some of today’s high-efficiency devices require regular maintenance and supplies in order to function properly and sustain optimal productivity standards.

Your business can maximise the value of your print equipment and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) through a selection of the correct devices, print leasing and Managed Print Services (MPS). By deploying leased hardware and outsourcing the repair and maintenance of your mission-critical equipment to trained experts, you’ll be freeing up time for your IT professionals.

Can print leasing lower your printing costs?

Before detailing the benefits of print leasing, it is important to understand the factors that impact your TCO. Everything from device installation costs to the annual spend on consumables should be considered prior to making the decision to purchase your hardware. But how do you accurately determine what you’ll ultimately pay for a device over the course of its lifecycle?

For some business operators, the price tag affixed to a series of hardware devices is the only clear line-of-sight into the associated costs. Paper consumption, energy usage and maintenance costs over the product’s lifecycle are difficult to properly estimate at the point of purchase.

Print leasing eliminates the guesswork associated with calculating these costs. Let’s examine how leasing your print devices provides transparency into your annual consumables spend and alleviates the worry associated with unpredictable repairs and maintenance.

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How does print leasing work?

By leasing your print services, you’ll pay a monthly fee to a manufacturer in return for unlimited access and use of their hardware. As with the purchase option, you’ll have physical possession of your printer, but you’ll shift responsibility for maintenance, technical support, upgrades and supplies to the manufacturer or distributor.

As part of your leasing agreement, you’ll effectively ensure that your productivity does not suffer if upgrades or maintenance is required. Instead, you’ll have constant access to a dedicated repair technician to ensure your machine stays optimised, while software or hardware upgrades are scheduled and performed when necessary.

Print leasing may be an ideal solution for businesses that don’t want the hassle of dealing with disruptions in the office. This is because a print lease can be suited to the needs of any business, with installation, setup and training all taken care of.

Benefits of print leasing

Just because your workplace requires a multi-tasking print solution doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy savings and reduced operating costs at the same time. There are multiple advantages to leasing a printer over purchasing it outright, but it will depend on your business goals and personal circumstances.

As your business grows, a lease solution allows your hardware to scale accordingly – providing your workforce continued access to technology they depend on. One of the benefits of a print lease is that your hardware is maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance, preventing unnecessary downtime associated with breakdowns.

Print leasing agreements also keep you up to date with the latest technology and provide you with insights into the machines that meet the specific needs of your business. Print assessments take into account your current hardware and software and focus on how today’s technology could allow your business to scale and grow.

If you’re worried about confidential documents being left in printer trays that could be accessed by unauthorised personnel, you can rest assured that having on-premises print hardware doesn’t mean your documents are at risk of exposure. Some Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) offer features such as secure printing (follow me print) and scanning (scan to me) for your critical documents, protecting the privacy of your documents even if you’re utilising shared hardware resources.

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Lowering your TCO with MPS

Change happens fast in today’s business environment. The flexibility of a leased printing solution ensures operational efficiency – and a MPS provider guarantees your business stays at the forefront of the latest technology.

Having the right solution allows you to adjust your printing requirements as your business grows. You’ll be able to take advantage of the provider’s expertise when it comes to optimising your print services – freeing your own IT resources to work on other projects.

Some of the advantages of MPS are:

  • Line-of-sight into the costs associated with your print hardware. This metric can be surprisingly difficult to ascertain without a print assessment, as everything from ink cartridges to repairs can impact your bottom line. Regular auditing your print strategy will detect hidden costs and showcase the benefits of preventive maintenance and proper configuration
  • Improved information security, thanks to an organisation-wide assessment of your print and IP security risks. A security solution tailored to your business needs will mitigate threats and ensure your print and scan hardware aren’t compromising your network
  • Increased automation takes away the responsibility of repair and maintenance, freeing your workforce to focus on more important tasks. Several manual office processes can be tasked remotely, ensuring trips to the printer are left to collect or scan documents on hardware that is operating to peak efficiency standards
  • Leverage technology such as near field communication (NFC). MPS devices equipped with NFC capability allow you to wirelessly exchange information between your connected devices. For example, by selecting the file you’d like to print on your smartphone, laptop or other hardware, simply holding the device in proximity to your MFC will bring the selected job to queue. With the push of a button, your desired document is printed

Whereas many organisations simply purchase a printer and shift focus from updating equipment, regular assessments of your technology will ensure you’re not becoming outdated and losing the competitive edge associated with the latest tech.

Brother solutions promote office productivity

For over 100 years, Brother has achieved recognition as a brand synonymous with reliable, high-quality products and services. Whether you’re looking to maximise the value of your equipment via print leasing or MPS solutions, our expert partners are equipped to offer insights that benefit your business.

Contact us today in order to determine the best path forward for your print technology solutions and take advantage of the unrivalled experience we offer.


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