How to combine and split PDFs for optimised digital document management

How to combine and split PDFs for optimised digital document management

When it comes to document management, businesses are concerned about two things: staying organised and staying protected.

Once upon a time, managing documents meant keeping track of hoards of paperwork. But in a digital world, keeping tabs on multiple files doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to document management software, you can merge, split and protect PDFs with ease.

Learn how digital document management software (DMS) can optimise your file management process and help your business become a PDF expert.

Managing multiple files at once

File management can often feel like a juggling act, especially when you’re working with multiple files. But document management software eliminates a lot of that extra legwork with streamlined solutions.

What is digital document management software?

In essence, a document management system is a fleet of technologies that can help organise, combine, split, protect and store your digital files. By storing documents in the cloud, businesses can streamline collaboration by making files more accessible to remote workers.

These solutions eliminate many of the physically tedious barriers to effective document management. Through a combination of automation and digitisation, your business’ files can be much more efficiently managed.

At its core, any good digital document management system is centred around logic. By taking the most logical approach to file management, the entire process can be expedited, organised and simplified.

The benefits of digital document management are always growing, but key assets include:

  • Easy access: A business’ documents are no good if they can’t be accessed and retrieved. DMS makes documents more accessible through a logical indexing and storage process. For businesses with strict data retention regulations, DMS expedites retention time
  • Boost to productivity: Looking for a document, let alone multiple files, can take time. Per Nintex, 49% of employees report locating documents as a broken process. DMS reduces time wasted on locating documents and makes employees more productive
  • Security: Protecting documents is important — especially when they’re digitised. A DMS secures uploaded files through encryption. Managers can also determine access privileges to decide who can retrieve which files
  • Split or merge PDF files with ease: With so many documents, jumping between multiple files can be tedious and time consuming. By merging documents, you can store and review them much easier

Merging PDF files

A lot of paperwork flows through a business on any given day. Digitising and storing those documents can help organise your workflow and uncomplicate the storage process. With a document management software, merging PDFs can take your business organisation to the next level.

As mentioned, sorting through multiple documents can waste time. Keep your employees productive by merging PDF files. Companies that merge relevant PDFs not only optimise their organisation system, but they also make the most of their employee’s workday.

Take these steps to combine PDF files in your company’s DMS:

  • Identify the relevant documents
  • Upload the files to your digital document management software
  • Reorder the uploaded files into correct sequence if needed
  • Select which specific pages you need to combine, if necessary
  • Click your document management system’s Merge button
  • Download the combined PDF file and save it to your DMS

Splitting a single PDF into multiple files

While most of the time a company may need to combine PDF files, there are times when splitting them up is important.

Extensive files, like lengthy legal documents, are often too big to easily send via email. They occupy a lot of storage space, take much longer to transfer and load and often cause servers too much stress.

You can avoid these issues by splitting large PDFs into multiple files using your DMS. Here’s how to do it:

  • Identify the PDF document that needs splitting
  • Upload the file to your digital document management system
  • Select the pages you want your PDF to split into multiple files
  • Click on your document management software Split button
  • Download the multiple PDF files and save them to your DMS
A bundle of paperwork in a folder next to a scanner on a desk.
Combining and splitting PDFs is an integral part of document management

Maintaining security across all uploaded files

Cybercriminals often threaten a business’ data security. According to data from ACSC, in the 2020-21 financial year cybercrime reports increased 13% from the previous year.

With a document management system, however, businesses can protect their files from bad actors. When it comes to DMS data security, it’s important to know the best practices:

  • Encrypt your documents: Any solid DMS offers encryption services that protect sensitive files
  • Regulate user permissions: You can determine specifically who can access your documents. A DMS allows you to revoke access to specific documents for certain users
  • Archive documents for disaster recovery: If anything should happen to your documents, digital archives can automatically recover multiple files thanks to cloud-based storage backups
  • Always stay updated: Updating your DMS regularly is the best way to enable the latest protections

At Brother, we understand that the best way to manage documents is to keep them organised and protected. Our logical approach to document management makes juggling multiple files an easy, simplified and streamlined process.

Contact our team to learn more about how Brother can help your business optimise its document management software.


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