Get the most out of your ink cartridges

Get the most out of your ink cartridges

To consistently get premium print quality and prolong the life of your Inkjet machine, simply leave your device connected to your power point.

Inks are liquids so they will dry, ink drying inside a printer can lead to a reduction of print quality or in extreme cases cause damage to the print head. Inkjet products generally have a maintenance mechanism built in to ensure the ink does not dry. Simply leave the machine connected to your power point to allow this process to take place.

If you are worried about power consumption (rightly so), there are built in power-saving features, like sleep mode and power down mode using the (Power) button. In these modes the machine uses as little as 0.04W (power down) but still allows the machine to perform the maintenance process.

Learn more about genuine Brother ink cartridges here.


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