4 effective pieces of technology you can’t do without

A knife and fork on a serviette with a QR code menu on a label in a restaurant.

You’re busy. Your establishment is busy. High-personality bartenders, catchy music and the collection of high-quality spirits are front and centre to truly showcase your establishment. However, behind the scenes is where the real magic takes place, ensuring every element is held together perfectly.

Technology plays a supporting but essential role in guaranteeing your business runs smoothly – we’ve put together a list of four pieces of reliable, cost-effective pieces of technology that you can’t do without.

Label printers

They’re not just for school lunch boxes anymore … labellers today are at the forefront of technology, with thermal printing and highly durable print media that’s tough, abrasion resistant, can withstand the heat of a kitchen or the chill of a fridge, is spill and chemical-proof.

Need to know what’s in that box, bottle or barrel? With a state-of-the-art label printer, you’ll never need to guess. Plus many models will interface with your Android or iOS mobile device, so tagging your assets becomes a simple process.

Small-footprint office printer

Every square metre of your premises needs to generate revenue, so you don’t want bulky devices that take up more than their fair share of space. That’s why you should consider a small-footprint office printer or a multi-function device that sits nicely in tight areas. Delivering high-quality inkjet or laser printing (in colour or monochrome) for convenient in-house printing e.g. letterheads, envelopes, order slips, instruction manuals etc. Your office and reception staff will appreciate having just that little bit more room to operate.

And your accountant will thank you for the savings in paper, ink and other consumables that a modern printer uses.

A3 inkjet printer

Then again, sometimes you need to go big. A large-format printer that can pump out page after page of colour A3 sheets is the ideal way to promote your latest special or attraction and you can do this in-house. By investing in an A3 multi-function printer like the Brother MFC-J6955DW, you and the people working within your establishment can seamlessly print in vivid colour, creating a lasting impression on your patrons. Your venue will look more professional, and you can make changes to menus, happy hour specials/promotions quickly, giving you more time and flexibility in running your establishment.

Wristband printers

It’s not just about making sure all the punters have paid to get in, it’s also about making sure they’re safe and that you can track who should be on your premises and who shouldn’t.

Wristbands are a great tool for the job, but they’re even better when they’ve been printed on the spot. You can include important details about the event, the venue and the customer, and connect it all with your record and book-keeping systems. Plus a good wristband printer will use thermal print technology, making the wristband durable and spill proof.

You don’t really want to think about technology, you just want tools that do their job with zero fuss so you can concentrate on giving your guests the time of their lives. So make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job behind the scenes, and you can spend your time and effort up front, where it really counts. So, how can we help?

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