How to use labelling apps

How to use labelling apps

Mobile applications offer multiple benefits for home and professional users. The reality of today’s remote-capable workforce means your employees can harness technology in new and unique ways.

This article will examine how labelling apps can streamline your workflow – regardless of where your employees are located. Whether you need on-the-go solutions for the warehouse floor, the office or from the comfort of your living room – learn how to print labels easily with Brother.

An introduction to labelling apps

Labelling applications allow the wireless printing of a wide variety of commonly used labels. After downloading connected apps, users can task print jobs from their mobile devices to a compatible label printer connected to the same wireless network, including Bluetooth.

The ease and efficiency of these applications permits your workforce to print high-quality, durable labels that enhance a number of at-home and in-office tasks. With Bluetooth connectivity, shared devices can communicate quickly in order to deploy the print jobs that keep your business moving.

The benefits of mobile labelling solutions

  • Increased productivity: Mobile label printers and apps go where your workers go, affording them the ability to print and apply barcode labels on the spot. These portable solutions help reduce the time spent labelling products, documents or other work assets, allowing your staff to focus on other critical tasks
  • Customisation and branding: Brand your assets with a unique labelling code in order to aid in the easy identification of your products. The versatility of QR codes allows you to change and update information even after the code has been printed or posted online. This allows you to regularly update consumer-facing information regarding your products or services
  • Accessibility: Many labelling apps come pre-loaded with pre-designed label templates from cloud servers in order to ensure up-to-date formatting. With just a few taps, your workforce will be able to select, edit and print professional-quality labels. Best of all, no computer or printer driver is required – simply select your print source for all network-enabled devices and start printing
A lady at her work desk printing labels off a computer with a label printer next to it.

From retail environments to corporate offices, Brother labelling devices enhance workflows and integrate with barcode and QR code software

Professional applications across a variety of industries

Brother offers a variety of helpful labelling apps designed to accelerate business processes and workflows across a number of industries. Here are some of the industries taking advantage of labelling apps designed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Retail labelling

Brother’s iPrint&Label app enables the on-demand creation, editing and printing of professional-quality labels.

Compatible with high-speed professional label printers like the QL-800, this tool accelerates and facilitates the labelling process by bridging the gap between handheld and desktop printers with smartphones and tablets.

In turn, you can create a label anywhere you go. By connecting to Brother’s cloud server and regularly updating with the latest templates and designs, your workforce will remain on the cutting edge of today’s barcode and QR code labelling solutions.

Warehouse labelling

Brother Mobile Transfer Express allows warehouse personnel to use mobile devices to transfer compatible label templates, databases and images.

Using the power of the P-touch Transfer Manager, templates stored on a company’s database can integrate with industrial label printers to produce high volumes of labels needed for large shipping orders.

Additionally, QR templates containing inventory status, delivery schedules and other information can be transferred to the cloud via the app’s sharing function.

Corporate labelling

Brother Mobile Deploy is the perfect app for the corporate user looking to configure multiple devices from a centralised and connected platform.

Compatible with a variety of devices such as the RJ-2150 Portable Label and Receipt Printer, this easy-to-use app saves both time and money by completely configuring printers in the field. The versatility of this solution eliminates the need to manually configure or update each device on-premises or instruct personnel over the phone.

Mobile Deploy provides cloud-based configuration directly from a connected smartphone or tablet.

An office worker holding up a card with a label on it next to his smartphone.
Labelling solutions have a variety of uses, from visitor management systems to storing device manuals and information

At-home or office labelling

The Brother Design&Print2 app is designed to integrate seamlessly with a connected smartphone or tablet and supports fade-resistant laminated labels designed to withstand heat, abrasion, chemicals and water. These labels are perfect for environments like the kitchen, where cookbooks and recipes stored on convenient QR codes could be subjected to heat from cooking dinner.

Compatible with label printers like the P-Touch CUBE PT-P710BT, this application includes how-to videos, news and tips on top of organised templates and customisation features. With Voice to Text and other features, home and office labelling is faster and more efficient than ever before.

Electrical, telecom and automation industry labelling

Pro Label Tool is the ideal app for telecom, datacom or electrical businesses. With the ability to easily print from devices such as the PT-E550WVP, Mobile Cable Label Tool prints fully customised templates created on your smartphone and can incorporate symbols, images, barcodes and frames on your customised labels.

Additionally, the Brother Pro Label Tool app has many popular templates available for cable, patch panel, faceplate and network equipment identification. This dramatically speeds up the creation of labels and reduces mistakes caused by printing incorrect length labels.

Brother’s Pro Label Tool app helps speed up and facilitate your labelling process by allowing you to create, edit and print high-quality labels from any location. By connecting Wi-Fi-enabled handheld and desktop printers with smartphones and tablets, Pro Label Tool allows users to download and digitally send a template bank of ANSI/TIA 606 standard-aligned cable wraps, patch panels and flags to connected printers.

For industries reliant on cable identifiers – designed to identify a de-energised primary cable safely and identify secondary cables up to 240 VAC – the efficiency of the Pro Label Tool offers incredible benefits. Cable identifiers can be uploaded remotely, downloaded by contractors or technicians on the job site and used to print high-quality and compliant laminated labels.

This allows personnel to perform their duties and access information from one digital location, thus improving efficiencies, eliminating double handling and reducing human error.

Brother iLink&Label is a mobile web service application that provides access to Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live cloud software services using a smartphone or tablet. iLink&Label enables users to download and save information on a secure cloud-based platform that can be transferred onto label printers like the PT-E550WVP.

At your side

Brother offers a number of mobile apps and solutions designed to drive the productivity outcomes of your business. Whether you’re on the warehouse floor or in the office, your company can rely on adaptable Brother solutions in order to get the job done. To learn more about how our software and apps can enhance the label design, printing and editing necessary to boost your organisational workflow, visit our customer care centre or contact us today.


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