Why Choose Genuine Brother Ink And Toners?

How To Identify Genuine Brother Ink Or Toners

Authenticate by tilting the label against light to verify the genuine Brother hologram, or referencing it with the pictures below:

Authentication dots and numbers
  • Tilt to the back
    (1 dot)

  • Tilt to the back
    (2 dot)

  • Tilt to the right
    (3 dot)

  • Tilt to the left
    (4 dot)

Multi-angle text
  • Rotate Right

  • Rotate Left

Authenticate by scanning the QR code on the label using Brother SupportCenter app or data matrix reader app

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • BlackBerry World
  • Windows Phone

Authenticate by checking the ID number on the label through the Brother Authentication Website.

Brother Genuine Supplies - Worth It Every Time

Brother recommends the use of Brother Genuine Supplies. They’re proven to be great quality, long lasting and safe. While not all non-genuine supplies cause problems, using third-party consumables may damage your Brother device. Any damage caused by using non-genuine supplies may void the warranty.

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Spotted A Fake?

We are 100% dedicated to providing our customers with genuine Brother products. If you have come across a fake product recently, help us in our fight against piracy and report it immediately.