Brother is a famous company for their label makers, but they took to the next level with their latest product. Get to enjoy a splash of vibrant color with their first-ever full color, compact label printer, the Colour Label Printer VC-500W. It is a product that makes use of cutting-edge technology to ensure that you get full-color and professional results on every project you pursue.

It is simple to use while providing you with full creative freedom. You’ll get to organize your office or home, and even create cards, gifts, photo IDs, home decor, and a lot more. All works will be unmistakably yours, and these are all customizable based on your needs.

Brother integrated the wireless and USB interfaces to allow their VC-500W to link to your computer, whether it is a PC or Mac. It then utilizes the free label design software for desktop called the P-touch Editor, or it connects to your smart devices via the Brother Color Label Editor application.

If this sounds like something you’d need to complete your tasks, then continue reading through our review to learn more about this label printer. Get details about its features, specifications, performance to know if it’s a product worth purchasing.


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