Brother International (Australia)


With a rich history spanning more than a century, Brother has grown from humble beginnings into a diversified multinational corporation. While its technology and business activities have evolved over time, a foundation of strong leadership and product innovation has remained a constant throughout Brother's history and remains just as important today as it was in 1908.

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Spirit of Establishment

Spirit of EstablishmentYasui Sewing Machine Co., a company that sold and repaired sewing machines, was established in 1908 by Kanekichi Yasui, the father of the founders of Brother Industries, Ltd.

Masayoshi Yasui, the eldest of ten children, began helping his father at the age of nine, and at 17 he began working as an apprentice in Osaka. With the sewing machine market at that time dominated by imported products, Masayoshi was determined to "develop this import-based sewing machine industry into an export-based industry" by introducing domestic production.

While a lack of production facilities and advanced processing technologies led many to believe it was impossible to produce sewing machines in Japan, Masayoshi's resolution never wavered. He started developing and selling hydraulic presses to produce straw hats, while at the same time carrying out research on sewing machine manufacturing.

The research paid off when Jitsuichi Yasui, Masayoshi's younger brother and co-founder of Brother, succeeded in developing shuttle hooks, a main component of sewing machines. In 1932, the Yasui brothers successfully introduced the first sewing machine made entirely in Japan.

From early on, Brother was driven by its motto "superior quality and diligent service". This motto is key to the company's continued prosperity and reflects its commitment to producing quality products-a value that continues to be passed down to every Brother employee.

The Brother Global Charter, in defining Brother Group's basic policies for the new era, includes "commitment to quality", "customer-first" and "care for the environment". The Charter's preamble states Brother's responsibility: "Brother Group's mission is to create and quickly deliver superior value to customers through our high quality products and services."